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Our service

With our nationwide available service of pet cremation we would like to offer a solution for each master/mistress who would like to say good-bye to his/her little pet worthily. The crematorium is free of noise, smoke and smell, so that the master/mistress can stay during the whole ceremony.
Cremation occurs in closed furnaces.
Duration and price of the process varies according to the weight of the pet, but it takes max. 1-3 hours. At the end of the ceremony the remains of the ashes will be put in a closed urn.
The crematorium disposes of a permit of the Hungarian State as well as of that of the EU, so there is a possibility of abroad cremation.
On request, there is a possibility of mobile cremation, i.e. we are going to the spot nationwide.
Under appropriate hygienic circumstances we would like to help and ease your pains as possible with our sympathetic, precise and quick work.


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